January 25, 2010

Squirmy Wormy

Good Morning! So in case you don't really believe me when I say HJ is a wiggle worm, here is your proof. This is how she looked when I put her down last night.

Aaaannnnddddd, this is how she was when I got her up this morning.

Seriously...how is that possible without waking up?!?!?

January 22, 2010

Three Months Today!

So our sweet little girl is three months old today and she's sick. :( Halley has a minor temperature, a hacking cough and she's congested. Thankfully she's still her happy self but we just hope she's getting better and not worse.

Anyway...we didn't have a three month appointment with the pediatrician so our measurements are home-made. I weighed her several times and got numbers from 9.5 to 11 pounds. The last time I weighed her the scale said 10 pounds so we'll just go with that and HJ is about 23 inches in length. However, don't be surprised if next month (when we go back to the doc) she has miraculously grown 4 inches overnight and gained 3 pounds.

Today Halley got to wear her favorite new sweater dress! Isn't it just adorable? And, of course, by "her", I mean Mommy's favorite new sweater dress.

Who knew HJ would take up boxing at such an early age?

It is SO hard to capture a smile on camera.

Mommy has found a new footsie game that totally makes Halley happy. It's the best smile we've seen so far...we'll get a laugh out of her yet!

She loves the footsie game MUCH more than baths.

Thanks for checking in!

January 21, 2010

Nursery Pictures...Final.

So, my older sister, Angie, told me I hadn't posted any pictures of Halley's nursery in it's completion so I thought I would oblige her. (Forgive me if you've already seen these.) Seriously, there is nothing else to put on the walls of her room...they are all taken! Her room is decked out more than any other in the house.

HJ's name.....courtesy of Michael's and my mom
...and of course, her UGA mobile which she LOVES

Courtesy of Hobby Lobby this time...and my mom...and Kathryn

Kathryn made this bow-holder for Halley...cute, huh?

The latest addition...blackout curtains courtesy of, who else?
My mom (aka Martha Stewart)
(I will take credit for picking out the fabric though! :) )

You must have a matching pillow!

...And a gift from a dear friend in Savannah
It's personalized with Halley's information.
Check out http://www.mkandco.com/ if you're interested.

And of course, our sweet girl

Tomorrow Halley will be three months old! Can you believe it? Stay tuned for an update.
P.S. If you need an interior decorator, let me know and I'll give you my mom's number. :)

January 15, 2010

Goings On…

So while many of you are experiencing record lows and freezing temperatures in the South, we here in Colorado have had a week of beautiful weather with highs in the 50s.  Randy and I have taken the opportunity to spend some time outside with Halley by going on a “hike”.  (I use that term lightly because there wasn’t a lot of elevation gain but we went where strollers can’t so that must count for something, right?)

Halley has learned to love her front carrier which has been great.  Here she is taking a stroll with us in Red Rocks Canyon.   HJ slept most of the time but woke up towards the end. 




HJ and I keeping each other warmGEDC1340

Pretty Blue Eyes


My new favorite thing, Skype!


Halley wearing her snow suit…she really looked like the kid from A Christmas Story. 


Getting ready for our walk one night this week


My friend, Cari, and I are swapping babysitting duties while each other goes to work.  This is her daughter, Stella (four months older than HJ), enjoying her carrots!  How cute is she?!?!


Halley showing off for the camera


Randy is going skiing for the weekend so it’s just us girls.  There’s lots on the agenda since I head back to work on Monday (sniff, sniff—more like “bawl”) but more on that later.  My mission right now is to find the perfect picture of Halley for my desk. 

Have a great weekend!

January 14, 2010

We're Famous!

So, and yes, I realize I start every post with "so", Randy was talking to some of his students at school this week about where they go to church. One of them said, "I know where you go to church Mr. Everette!" which is not that strange because there are several James Irwin families at our church. Then the kid said "Because you're on the website." Which is kind of strange and we didn't believe him. So Randy came home and pulled up Rocky Mountain's website and there we are! What's really funny is I remember the day that picture was taken. I was thinking in my head "Of course, this would make a good picture, young couple, pregnant, holding hands...coming to church." But I didn't think they would put it on their site...don't they need our consent or something? Anyway, Randy said "Why are you smiling and I look mad?" And the obvious answer is that I saw her taking our picture! Why else do we have peripheral vision?

Anyway...check us out! www.rmcalvary.org.

January 11, 2010

That's Fab

What, is it possible? Two posts in one day? Yes, sirree. When checking the mailbox today, I got a package. I love getting packages. And guess what? When you have a baby, all of a sudden you get lots of packages. Correction: Halley gets lots of packages. But since she can't open them, they might as well have my name on them, right?

So this is what we got.

How cute is that?!?! Randy has a friend who makes custom pottery and sells it on the web. I've never met Julie but, considering how many people I know that have had babies in the past few years, we are getting to be very close! She not only makes birth announcement plaques but tons of other cute stuff. Check it out at www.thatsfab.net.

Christmas Part One

So here are the pictures from the first portion of our trip in Savannah. As I said before, our trips always seem too short. In terms of in-laws, I've got a great family and I really wish I got to see all of them more often. (Not many wives can say that about their hubby's family.) We are blessed on both sides of the family tree.

Randy's Grandmother, Jama...she's 92, wears designer jeans and does yoga weekly!

Randy's mom, Sandy, who's coming to visit in a few weeks--yay! Hopefully we won't get any snow because she may bail early and head back south!

Sandy, Me, My double chin, Halley, Beth, Meg, Kami
(Randy's mom and sisters)
They threw a Meet Halley shower for us while we were in Savannah.

Randy and his only niece, Emmie. She's been praying for a female cousin for YEARS! Isn't she precious? (Don't kill me for posting this Emmie!)

My friend Lorrie...we've been friends for over 15 years. She lives in Southern CA and I really don't get to see her enough.

At the party...my mom, Gina (who's known me my whole life), and Marion (my brother's MIL and a close friend of my mom's)

Halley in her special Christmas outfit....two months old!

Halley looking up to her big cousin Emmie

My brother Charles and his new bride, Landon

Randy's younger sister, Meg, and her baby, Hudson, born 6 weeks before Halley

My stepdad, Rick, getting crazy faces from Halley

We met a lot of people in our trip back home! We're still missing a few uncles, cousins, and my dad but hopefully we can make the rounds and see them soon. I'm tentatively planning a trip southbound to sunny Arizona (to visit my dad and brothers) once winter really sets in. Meanwhile, it's 50 degrees here and sunny so HJ and I are going on a walk while weather permits!

Have a great Monday!

January 6, 2010

Christmas Part Two

In case you’re confused, you didn’t miss Part One.  I just haven’t uploaded our pictures yet from Savannah so we’re documenting our trip in reverse.  We flew into Savannah on the 19th and got to spend five whole days there.  It seemed like a lot beforehand but the time is always too short.  More on Savannah later. 

For as long as I’ve been around, my (Becky) family has made the drive to Atlanta on Christmas Day.  We wake up, open gifts, eat the best Christmas brunch ever, pack the car, and make the four hour drive to the big city.  Now that we’re married we still do all that…we just add the Everette family Christmas to the already busy morning.  This year was especially difficult because we were flying out of Atlanta and were not taking our own car up there.  Two people, a baby, two large and overstuffed (we were over our weight limit but the lady at the counter was nice to us and looked the other way!) suitcases, a duffel bag, a diaper bag, a car seat and a stroller…all packed into already full cars but we made it! 

In Atlanta, we visit Rick’s family that evening and then celebrate Christmas with my mom’s family the day after Christmas.  We do a white elephant exchange which is always fun and this year my cousin, Britt, managed to finagle the game so he could propose to his girlfriend.  How creative is he!  (Not to mention gutsy, proposing in front of the whole fam.)

12 26 09_1349[1]

So onto what you really want to know about….Halley.  She was a GREAT baby on all of our flights, four total.  She didn’t cry a peep and I bet that the people sitting next to us were quite relieved they got assigned next to us and not the other babies on the flight.  She didn’t even need a bottle to help her ears adjust to the pressure changes.  She was an angel.

Here is Halley meeting some of my favorite people…

12 25 09_1077

      My grandparents (Jane, whom Halley is named after)

12 26 09_1261

My two sisters…this is pretty much what we did for two days straight

Jaros Girls

Kathryn, Grandmommy, Halley & Me, Mom, Aunt Debbie

12 26 09_1306

I got a miniature version of the lamp from Christmas Story…Randy was a little miffed that I traded it for an iTUNES card. 

12 26 09_1443

Our sweet little family

12 26 09_1466

Our sweet big family

12 26 09_1458

And the one that won’t make the frame…seriously, can you tell I’m tired of trying to get the family picture to work?!?!?

12 28 09_1429

Halley doing tummy time with Jammie.  I promise we weren’t slipping alcohol into her bottle! 

12 28 09_1434

How sweet is that face?!?

12 23 09_1150 

Hangin’ with Uncle David and Uncle Charles

And one more just to make you laugh….

12 23 09_1162

And one more…

12 23 09_1164

Okay, I promise, that’s it.  She’s just so funny, I couldn’t resist.

I’ll post more later.  Also, we got a camcorder (are they still called that?)  for Christmas so stay tuned for fun videos…