January 26, 2011

One year ago…

….this was my cute munchkin. 

GEDC1344                                      GEDC1401


This week we went to see a new doctor in Marietta for HJ’s fifteen month appointment.  How can that be?!?!

Here are her stats:

Weight:  20 lbs---15%  (She’s never made it above 10% before.  The whole milk must be doing its job!)

Height:  30 1/4 inches—50%

Teeth:  two on top, three on bottom and one more coming in

The doctor recommended dropping bottles right away so that’s what we did.  It made me a a little sad but I’m trying to face each new stage with excitement and not the wishful my-baby-is-getting-so-big sadness.  I know lots of people that wish they could celebrate new milestone with their children that simply never get to.  We are thankful EACH day for a healthy, happy baby. 

Funny things HJ does:

--walks around with her hands behind her back like she’s your maitre’d

--waits for us to finish saying the blessing & then laughs while giving us a huge toothy smile

--has a newfound love for her tongue…loves to stick it out at you!

--smacks her lips & says “ahhhh”

Current obsessions:  holding keys, setting off our car alarms, BOOKS (she must have one in her hands at any given moment…like she pitches a fit if she can’t hold a book while she is eating, having her diaper changed, seriously.)

These aren’t the greatest (I had the camera on the wrong setting) but it’s all I’ve got from this week. 

                          GEDC4264                  GEDC4265



January 23, 2011

Dress Up


Halley has decided recently that she enjoys dressing herself.  Check out this fashionista!




Daddy is so silly!


She’s a fan of wearing outerwear indoors.  Last week, she refused to leave the house unless she was wearing two jackets at once. 


A grandmother’s closet is a great place to play dress up….especially if her name is Judy Monroe!

January 11, 2011

Snow Days in Georgia


As I’m sure most of you have heard, we’re snowed in!  In Georgia.  We move from Colorado and apparently the snow followed us.  Go figure.  I was supposed to start work on Monday but so far, the office has been closed.  (I’m working for Northside UMC in their Creative Design department.  Just in case you’re confused, no, someone did not hire me to be a designer…but a manager of said creative types.)  SO.  Since we’re on day two of being snowed in, I thought it would be fun to play in the snow with Halley.  She was too young to understand snow in Colorado so this should be a fun experience, right???  Wrong.  See for yourself.

GEDC4221     GEDC4253



HJ in her snow day outfit.  (Clearance @ Target.  Pretty cute, huh?)




GEDC4252   GEDC4255



Poor baby!


To be fair, there was a thick sheet of ice on top of the snow and it was not light and fluffy powder.  After five minutes it was obviously time to go in.  And that’s where we’ve been and continue to stay! 

January 6, 2011

Christmas 2010

Now that the holiday season is behind us, I’m hoping life will become “normal”, whatever that means.  We are moved in as much as we will be (although I am missing a critical mixing bowl that was my fave and I’m too cheap to buy another one), Randy is getting into a routine at church, and I may have a job.  More on that later. 

We enjoyed Christmas with both sides of the family, all without enduring the chaos of an airport for once.  We went to  Savannah before Christmas, came back to Marietta for church services, and then saw my family in Atlanta for a post-Christmas gathering.  Christmas morning was just the three of us.  I’m not quite sure Halley knew what was going on but at least she enjoyed ripping some paper this year. 

GEDC4115     GEDC4119

GEDC4123         GEDC4122

GEDC4135    GEDC4145GEDC4165    GEDC4169


GEDC4159           GEDC4163


We even got snow this year!  For the first time in a century, there was a white Christmas.  (I personally think God was trying to ease the pain of our move for Randy!  What a good God. ) Sadly these are the only pictures I have so I don’t have any of the snow or all of our Everette Christmas festivities.  I will say that Halley is getting cuter every day!  She is definitely on the go (all the time!) and continues to be a source of joy to everyone she sees.  I’ll post pics of her latest shenanigans soon.  (And you know by soon, I mean…later.)

2010 was definitely a tough year for our family.  It was full of uncertainty, angst, hard decisions and transitions.  But God proved himself faithful to us over and over!  I’m confident that God has good things for us this year…I just pray it will be a little more stable in 2011!  It’s always a wild ride when you’re following Him. 

Happy New Year!