July 29, 2010

Sleigh Bells



The latest thing HJ has shoved in her mouth.  Completely. 

July 26, 2010

Halley Days - What a Great July!



Halley got to take a grown-up bath!  Man, that girl can splash…

Apparently, it made it her angry:100_0805



I think this was oatmeal.  It was actually messier than it looks.

This is apparently HJ doing her impression of how Swamp Thing might smile.







Halley’s moving up in the food world!  Genuine buttermilk pancakes!

She was clapping a lot for more (meaning she got syrup all over both hands).




So we also decided to see if she’d be interested in healthier foods.  She (mostly) loved the lettuce.  Ok, the texture more than the taste, which apparently hit her taste buds in that 3rd photo.


Halley’s been running 3-5 miles at a time with me.  See if you can guess which photo is the “before” and one is the “after.”


On Sunday, we went over to Garden of the Gods to find some less beaten trails and expose HJ to some beautiful Colorado.  I’m still not sure if she likes the backpack or not, but it sure is fun finding out!


We’ve spent a good bit of money on fancy shmancy toys and she’s already enjoying playing with the box more than the toys.


A couple of parting shots of Halley helping out around the house:

GEDC2946 GEDC2947

July 23, 2010


For HJ’s 9th birthday (7.22.10), we had her bathed, dressed up and all rarin’ to go for some photo ops, but she was super stingy with smiles all day long.  The best we could do was get some cute pics of her eating some new snacks.  It’s pretty cute because they’re big munchies, but she still tries to put the whole thing in her mouth.


Speaking of her mouth, she has 1 tooth that’s really becoming a tooth on the bottom (as opposed to a sort of white spot in her gums where we think a tooth should be).  I tried to get some shots of the tooth, but…


…you get the idea.

We finally got some smiles and even some happy bouncing from our little girl when we showed her her birthday present: Beck’s Audi!


We felt really bad that she didn’t get to drive it or keep it (call us mean parents), but the doctor said something about it not being good for little kids or legal.  Something about waiting a decade…bla, bla, bla.  It still made her day just to sit in the driver’s seat and chew on some fancy German steering wheel.  Happy Birthday, Halley!

Dana’s Wedding and Mount Cutler




Our good friends Dana Skiba and Bryce Cushman got married on July 17, 2010.  What a cute couple!





Halley was there looking adorable doing her little lip thing she’s been doing lately.  They had bells as decoration.  AKA: great toys for babies.






Bailey and Miranda Skiba, sisters of the bride, with Halley.  3 of our favorite people in one picture!






Becky and Noel with Halley.  Becky did a Bible Study with Noel and Dana for their senior year at James Irwin and they all had a blast…





Halley’s 1st big hike (my excuse to use my fancy new, used backpack).  We went up Mt. Cutler, a little mountain by Colorado standards, in Cheyenne Canon.

I know the pictures below all look pretty much alike, but we just thought she was absolutely precious riding along to the “summit.”  She got to break out her REI hat and everything.  Enjoy!







July 18, 2010

Dog Days of July




She’s a little overwhelming in this shot, but we think adorable.  Very in your face in the best way.











Halley loves her new little purple Polo dress outfit from Grandmommy.  Almost as much as she loves plain old Solo plastic cups.  Why do we spend so much money on fancy toys again?





Getting a little carried away in her exploring.











Halley was bummed when the US got knocked out of the World Cup.  She liked the colors of the Netherlands, but I’m worried she might pick up some of their crying, faking, whining, bad acting tendencies (this is Dad writing, in case you couldn’t tell).  I’m trying to get her to like the sport but all the bad acting and feigned injuries just don’t help that cause.








We’ve decided to start home-schooling early with a little educational TV.  Halley did better during Kids’ Week, but her only answer is “Eeeeee!” and I don’t think she quite gets the whole answer-with-a-question thing yet.








I don’t know if she was trying to buzz in from home or rooting for the girl in the middle.  For those of you worried about how close she is to the TV, the possibility of dumbing down our child, or about my childcare abilities, I moved her after a minute and we read a book instead.  War and Peace while listening to Mozart.







We had a “Silly Goose” afternoon where Halley got to wear her Silly Goose outfit (which she’ll soon outgrow) and play with her Silly Goose.

GEDC2780 GEDC2779GEDC2777

But then she came after the camera…




Halley picked out a new flower (the purple delphinium* to the right of her in the picture) at Lowe’s and helped me put it in the pot (she tried to eat the dirt).  I figure that at some point, we’ll need to decide what chores she’ll have.  She reached for the broom, so I let her try it.






I think this is where she started fussing about it being too hard, too hot and the broom being too heavy.  I blame the whining on the guys from the Dutch soccer actors.  I mean, players.


* – The fact that I (Randy) know what a delphinium is, while making Mamama (my mom) proud, is yet another indication that I might be suffering from occasional cabin fever.  Let’s put it this way: we didn’t need anything at Lowe’s.  I just wanted to go look at tools.





For those of you who care more about our daughter than soccer talk (as we do), I’ll end this one with a shot of HJ in her fancy new bathtub: