April 10, 2012

Photo Dump

Well, I must admit, that the third trimester is taking its toll on me!  We've been really busy lately with out of town trips, busy work schedules, visits with family, and all the last minute things we're trying to get done before Baby Girl enters the world.  In regards to my pregnancy, everything is going well so far.  I've been to the doctor three times in the past week and going forward, I'll be going twice each week until they decide to induce.  Adding that to our schedule is demanding but we're thankful the doctors are keeping a close eye on us.  (These appointments require a two hour commitment and I'm not able to take Halley with me so Randy & I are both trying to rearrange our schedules.) We also, might, have a name picked out (don't ask what) so that brings me some relief!

There is a slew of pictures to follow from the past few months.  This sweet baby growing inside me has a lot of live up to with her big sister but I know she will be wonderful in her own way!  Halley constantly makes me laugh, is so smart, and has a deeply sensitive heart towards other people, which I love. 

Checking herself out!
At the St. Patty's Day parade in Savannah (she did have more fun than this picture shows but she was definitely worn out)

In her element (phone+stroller+purse)
In case you can't tell, she's sleeping with her sunglasses on.

Taking a "walk in the woods"

Definitely Daddy's girl
Showing off her cupcake dress from Aunt Kathryn

Putting together baby sister's crib

Picking strawberries in Rome

Don't be fooled-she only picked about two!
Happy Easter! (right before she busted it face first on the brick steps)

My dapper husband & me at 34 weeks

Hunting Easter eggs

Before going to school today-so cute!