June 17, 2011

Beach Week 2011

I’ve recently been reminded by a dear friend that it has been way too long since I updated this blog so this one’s for you Lynda!  I have plenty of pictures from the past few months but we’ll take care of the most recent first.

Each June tons of Randy’s family members converge on Tybee Island.  It all started a few years ago when we gathered to celebrate Jama ‘s (his grandmother) 90th birthday.  Since then it has become a tradition and everyone is invited!  People come from Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, California,  and New York and, in years past, there have been up to 50 of us enjoying the beach together.  Jama rented four different beach houses on the same block and we all convened to share dinner together in the evenings.  It was her way of giving all those she loved a great excuse to get together!  It is a little chaotic but always fun.  By now, Jama has nine great-grandchildren so you can just imagine.  Much to our sadness, Jama left us to be with Jesus on May 1.  We still enjoyed our time together but she was very missed. 

As usual, Halley was very uncooperative when it comes to taking pictures.  At some point, you’d think the odds would be with us that we could get one…just one…with her looking at the camera.  (And I did but it really is only one!)  When we first got out of the car after arriving at Tybee, Halley, who was in my arms, pointed at the ocean, and with eyes wide, said “Whhooooaaaaaa”.  It was so cute.  She loved all the birds, the Coast Guard helicopters flying overhead, and the space to run as far as she wanted while screaming as loud as she wanted. 

We were only able to stay a few days (darn that j-o-b) but here are some pics.


Saying bye to Daddy (he came down the next day)           


It’s hard to read in the car with shades.

(I love that she doesn’t take them off, just pushes them up.)


Playing with cousin Emmie on the beach


This girl LOVED the water.  She might need swim lessons to put my mind at ease.


Notice you haven’t seen her eyes yet?


HJ has a weird fetish with wearing big shoes.


Some of the gang


I love this picture with Aunt Meg. 


Remember how I said I got one?  This is it.


Chasing cousin Hudson—guess who’s faster?


Don’t worry, this isn’t in the running for our Christmas card.


Playing with (second) cousins Savannah & Cole


“Why do you people take so many pictures of me?”

(I guess this makes two.)


This one isn’t from Tybee but she’s so stinkin’ cute.

And just for reference, this is HJ & Emmie last year at Tybee.


Just starting to crawl and no teeth—what a great year it’s been!

Thanks for checking in!  Now that I know people, besides my mom & sister, (not that I don’t love you!) are reading, I’ll try to be better about updating.  Smile  Happy Saturday.