December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas from our cute munchkin!


                                            Everette Christmas Card_5x7

December 6, 2010


Hello from Marietta!  We are getting settled and life is great so far.  Randy likes his job, we like the church, and everything else is falling into place.  I don’t have it in me to write much but I figured I owed you some Halley pics.  Some of these are from Colorado and the others are more recent. 

GEDC3855     GEDC3867

GEDC3999   GEDC4041

This one is old but makes me laugh.  Do you think this aunt loves her niece???

GEDC4043       GEDC4047 

Birds of a feather…..                                                                      One last trip to the top of the Peak!

GEDC4063              GEDC4081

Makin’ eyes at her daddy                               We’ve resorted to the strap under the chin (&HJ has a new love!)

GEDC4087                   GEDC4089


Have I mentioned that Halley is walking like a crazy person?!?  She took her first steps on the first day of our roadtrip (at a truckstop, nonetheless) and unfortunately, our cameras were packed.  I’ll post some video later. 

Thanks for keeping up with us.  For those of you still following from Colorado, we miss you!