August 28, 2010

10 Months old, the park, and more…


Last week HJ turned 10 months old.  I say it every month, but it is hard to believe.  I truly cherish each day I get with her. (Sidenote:  C.S. Lewis says this about time—“Notice how we are perpetually surprised at time…In heaven’s name, why?  Unless, indeed, there is something in us which is not temporal.“)  Here’s the latest (this is not a for sale ad):

  • Weighs 16 lbs 2 oz (according to my scale)
  • 24 “ tall (which I know is not right, unless she’s shrinking, but that’s the best I could get with her on the go)
  • Extended her sleep to almost 12 hours/nt and down to two naps a day
  • Eats everything…not sure she’s ever turned anything down
  • Wears size 3 diapers but is still wearing 3-6 mo. clothes…we’ll have to move up to 6-9 soon with her height!
  • Plays great by herself
  • Waving and clapping are both on the rise.  This includes waving at loud machines: diesel trucks, planes, helicopters, etc.
  • Latest cute thing she does—smacks her lips loudly and has a new fascination with her tongue (see below)

Halley on one of her last monthly birthdays (not a lot of big smiles this day)…





(probably our favorite position of HJ’s – the one where she wants us to pick her up)

We went to the park  this week to play in the fountain but, unfortunately, it wasn’t working. We had a picnic instead and let Halley swing.  Not sure if she liked it or not….








HJ’s favorite activity at the park is emptying a well-stocked diaper bag:








And now the tongue….



She’s obviously on her way to greatness:


She likes  it when we stick our tongues out at her, too:








Chico likes to sleep outside our door sometimes and we like to think he’s protecting us, not just hoping we’ll let him in.  This is Chico laying down outside Halley’s door.  A first.












Halley on a lazy Saturday morning…

August 23, 2010

Bloopers – Our little reminders that she’s not perfect…

Just a short post of some of the pictures that we’ve almost deleted and probably should have, but somehow, even if her face is really, umm, wonky or maybe a little scary, she’s still adorable. You know those kind of pictures you pretend you don’t ever want a boyfriend/girlfriend to see because you’d be mortified, but secretly you think they’re kind of funny and don’t really mind? These are those. Most of these made us laugh and/or say “Whoa!” and I (Dad) think they’re worth sharing.

Sorry if any of these are repeats of previous posts. And yes, I’ve saved the best for last.

GEDC1916 GEDC1434 DSC_0196 GEDC2015 GEDC2935 GEDC2977 12 23 09_1164

Got to love a face like that, right? : )  I actually made this pic our desktop background for a little while.  It worked nicely because it would pop up with the Windows welcome box blocking Halley.  We’d enter our password and the box would go away and we’d sometimes go “Whoa!” because we’d forgotten about whatever face this is she’s making.  How ‘bout a close-up?

12 23 09_1164

I know what you’re thinking – why didn’t we use this for our official birth announcement?  I suppose we can plan ahead for our Christmas card…

August 19, 2010

August: Goalie Camp, 7 Bridges & Toilet Paper



Summer in Colorado is absolutely wonderful.  We have a great shade tree in our front yard and HJ and I (Dad) spend a lot of time hanging out there.  The only trick is keeping her from eating grass, dead leaves & ladybugs.  She also has a habit of pulling on those little white things – our flower bed would be demolished if I just let her run amok.




We’ve also started a mini-goalie camp in the backyard.  It runs about 3 times a week for 5 minutes at a time.  Nothing too rigorous just yet.  It has to be a goalie camp since she’s not walking yet.  Apparently, it’s hard to kick a ball when when you can’t walk.  That being said, her ball-handling skills are coming along quite nicely.  My fellow soccer coaches would be quite proud.  She goes to ground (an asset in a goalie) with ease, probably because she’s already on the ground.

I have switched her to size 1 training ball since the regulation size 5 is 1/2 her size.  You never think of a soccer ball as gigantic until it’s in the hands of a 9 month old.







This day’s camp ended a bit early because Chico started wrestling with a stick a little too close to our star athlete.






Halley is not a big fan of socks on her feet.  As a chew toy, though, they’re one of her favorites:


Along with the not-liking-socks thing, she’s becoming a big fan of my flip-flops.  As an avid fan myself, I’m so proud.

GEDC3150 GEDC3149



We took Halley to Cheyenne Canon to hike the 7 Bridges Trail.  Becky tried out a real ponytail in the back (instead of the top of her head like a Dr. Seuss character) and it was pretty darn cute.




This is one of my favorite pictures of both of my girls.  Aren’t they beautiful?





HJ’s not actually brushing her teeth, but her goal was to keep all 3 toothbrushes in her hands at all times:




This was just an adorable outfit on our our adorable girl.  Sorry the pic is so grainy.





Our Aunt Debbie in Atlanta told us that it’s great when she’s able to play by herself because she doesn’t have to depend on us for entertainment and we now see the value in that little lesson.  As a parent, it’s tempting to want to be with her all the time, but if we do that, then we get our wish and no time to sit down, eat, etc.  This is HJ playing by herself while we were getting ready for a walk.  Did we mention that she really loves tearing paper apart?  In this case, it’s toilet paper so it makes for really good shredding.  She wants to be a paper shredder when she grows up (if the goalie thing doesn’t work out).  Becky and I don’t have the heart to tell her they already have machines that do that.  I suppose we’ll have to take her to Office Depot one day and introduce her to her competition.

This video probably works best if you turn your computer on its side.  Sorry if you’re watching on a desktop – those monitors can be heavy.  It’s nothing amazing but she was cracking us up…  Enjoy!

August 7, 2010

Stats & Pics

While Randy is still procrastinating, I mean, contemplating his next post, I am going to update on HJ’s latest appointment—nine months!  These are the latest: 

Height:  27 1/2”

Weight:  15 pounds 10 oz

Head size: 45 cm

Halley is on the same path as she has been…50-75% for height, 5% for weight, and 50-75% for head.  Dr. B did say her head grew the most from her 6 mo. checkup so maybe she’s getting smarter everyday.  Could it be all the educational TV (aka Jeopardy)?  :)  Because this stage in life is so active (particulary for squirmy-wormy HJ), the doc said she wouldn’t be surprised if Halley was in the 3rd% for weight at her next checkup!  For all of you tempted to say “Do you ever feed her enough?!?!”, Dr. B is not worried. 

Here is what Halley’s typical day looks like at this point in life.

7 or 7:30  wake up and breakfast (4 oz bottle, fruit or cereal).  She’s usually standing up in her crib and starts beaming as soon as one of us walks in.  It’s the best part of the day.

7:30 - 9:30  play time, walk (if Mommy’s home), run (if Daddy’s home), maybe some Little Einstein’s, etc.

9:30 - 11:30  Nap # 1

11:30 - 12noon  lunch (4oz bottle, fruit or veggies)

12 - 3  Helping Daddy in the yard (by that I mean eating dirt and grass), miscellaneous errands, playing, etc

3 - 4:30  Nap # 2

4:30 - 5  pre-dinner (4oz bottle, yogurt or jar of baby food)

5 - 7  Mommy’s home (!!), walk with the fam, and more playtime

7:30 - 8  bath time, 6 oz bottle.  Our bedtime routine consists of book, bottle, a few rounds of “Jesus Loves Me” or “He’s Got The Whole World in His Hands”--with all bajillion members of our family inserted into the chorus, prayers and bed. It's a close second--best part of the day.   Daddy likes to sing “Stand by Me” or the “Mr. Blue” song (the one that Clark Griswold falls asleep to while driving the family wagon to Wally World).

A few more insights into Halley’s daily life…

Table food she is eating:  bread, cheese, yogurt (LOVES vanilla yogurt), non-pureed fruits (bananas, pears) and veggies (she’s a big fan of sweet potatoes), pancakes, fish (she likes it more than Mommy & Daddy), mac & cheese.

Funny things she does: sticks her bottom lip out like she’s pouty but she’s secretly very happy; crawls so fast with her head tucked down (like a swimmer) until she bumps into something

Is into:  everything!  DVDs, the dishwasher, the toilet if we forget to close the lid, the shoes in the closet, tupperware, books on bottom shelves, laundry

Sweet things she does:  when you’re putting her to sleep for a nap or the night, she gently rubs the back of your arm…I guess because she likes the skin-to-skin contact?

This was me at this time last year—28 weeks pregnant with our baby of unknown-gender. 

28 weeks 


Oh how much life has changed in a year….and how sweet it is!

Becky & HJ Beach Pictures 074







Glory to God for a happy, healthy family!