April 29, 2010

Week in Review

Here are a few pictures from the past week. 


On Saturday we went up to Denver to see the Rockies play.  Halley has found a new love for her dad’s hats!








GEDC1912 (Even though Chico looks kind of menacing in this picture, he actually is very sweet with HJ and Stella!)



We actually have a weekend at home (for once!) and then we’re off to D.C. next weekend for my sister’s graduation.  And I hear a baby waking up early from a nap…gotta go!

April 22, 2010

Six Months!!!


Has it already been six months?!?!  Six months since we wondered “Is it a boy or a girl?”…Six months since I wondered “Can I really make it through the pain of labor and delivery?”…six months since I thought “Will I be a good mother? Do I have what it takes to take care of this sweet baby I don’t even know? Will Randy and I stay connected through this new phase of life?” 

What a blessing it has all been!  Yes, difficult.  Yes, self-sacrificing like I’ve never done before.  But oh, so wonderful.  I’m tearing up just thinking about it.  God has been so good.  Halley is perfectly healthy and beautiful and sweet and smart and funny. 

We went for her six month check up today and she’s right on track developmentally.  I told the nurse before she took all the stats “I bet she weighs 14 pounds by now!”  It seems like she’s grown so much over the past month.  All the rice cereal she’s eating has really given her a round face and a round belly.  Well, what do I know?  HJ weighed in today at 13 pounds 3.5 ounces which puts her in the 5-10% as usual.  She’s 26.5 inches which is 75-90% for height.  So it’s still the same!  Tall and skinny.  We’ve been given the clear to start her on first foods so a-blending I will go!  Halley is also “commando-crawling” meaning she pulls herself around with her arms.  She’s already pretty mobile…just wait until she actually uses her knees!!! 

I know most of these pictures look the same but HJ’s just so cute I couldn’t decide which ones to post.  I think she’s actually starting to figure out what the camera is so she’s flashing a big grin. 






April 19, 2010

Horsetooth Half Marathon


So on Saturday, we made a trip to Fort Collins for Randy’s race on Sunday.  This was a training race for an upcoming marathon so there were lots of hard-core runners there…you know the type, too-short shorts, lots of spandex, etc.  (Randy does not qualify as a “hard-core runner” by that definition!)  He was just a smidge over two hours, which was his goal, but he had a great race.  Here he is with sweet HJ at the end. 



And after 300+ miles in the car in 28 hours, this was Halley when we got home. 

Man, I love her.

April 15, 2010

Halley and Stella


So, at least twice a week, Halley and Stella are together while either Cari or I are working.  Stella is four months older than HJ and the daughter of our good friends, Joel and Cari.  (Joel works at the high school with Randy and Cari works for the elementary school.  They started the same year that Randy did and we’ve been good friends since.  After the first time I met them, I told Randy “There is no way I can be friends with them.  They are way too athletic for me!”  Ha!  Shows what I know.  :)  ) 


Sometimes the safest place for them to be when you’re watching both of them is in the crib!  Stella gets a kick out of throwing everything over the side.



They were watching Veggie Tales…the story of Queen Esther.  Cari and I are doing Beth Moore’s Esther on Thursday night (they are very captured by Beth too!) so I figured they should watch the kid version.  :)






This one has nothing to do with Stella but I couldn’t resist.  HJ was playing in her crib today while I was working on some things in the kitchen.  I went back to check on her and look at her skinny self!  This is a 3-6 month outfit and it is literally falling off her.  At least she’s happy, huh?!?


We’re off to Fort Collins this weekend so Randy can run another half-marathon.  We also get to see some friends while we’re there so it should be fun!  Have a great weekend. 

April 9, 2010

Spring Break

I’m a little late but here are the pictures from spring break.  Randy’s sister, Kami, and her daughter, Emmie, came to visit over their break.  I’d like to say it was because they were dying to get back out and see the mountains but I’m sure it was because of Halley.  And she is so cute, who could blame them?  We went up to Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park one day to see if we could spot any wildlife.    I don’t know what these are (sheep? goats?) but holy cow.  This was at the entrance of the park and they were just walking down the middle of the street.  It was pretty cool. 




Elk grazing in a field


   Pretty mountains


Miss HJ, Emmie and Kami


Emmie and Me



Randy and I also took Halley to the Denver Aquarium with our friends Joel and Cari and their daughter, Stella.  I’m sure the girls had no idea what they were looking at but it was still fun. 







GEDC1790 Randy, HJ, Joel, and Stella  (cute dads and cute babies!)


Stella is so cute!


Checking out the fish


Yep, that’s a tiger…at the aquarium.  Random, I know. 


It’s warm and sunny here this weekend…finally!  Randy is taking Halley to a baseball game tomorrow while I work.  (They have quality daddy/daughter time on Saturdays.)  Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

April 6, 2010

Halley's New Favorite Toy

We recently moved this jumper-thing upstairs because HJ loves to be moving. It’s great because I can stick her in it while I’m doing something else and she’s completely content.

I'm getting better at not filming for five minutes at a time (since I still don't know how to edit video)...this one will only take up a minute twenty of your day!!!

April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter everyone!  Today has been a beautiful day in the Springs with lots of sun and (relatively) warm weather.  I even got to wear a skirt to church!  Randy had a friend pass away on Monday which has been on our minds all week.  We are thankful that he was a believer and got to celebrate Easter with Jesus himself!  Church today was a great reminder today of the hope that Christ offers us beyond this earth. 

We have friends in town visiting for a few days.  Randy’s very good friend from college, Bruce, and his wife and daughter are on their way to Breckenridge and stopped to spend Easter with us.  We enjoyed an Easter dinner of salad, bread, pork tenderloin, potato casserole, pineapple casserole, asparagus, and chocolate pie.  Yum!  It’s been years since we’ve seen all of the Wilkes and it was great catching up with them. 


Bruce, Amy, and Amberly



You know us….


Happy  Baby


HJ was all smiles today!



I’d show you the table but the flowers were so droopy!  (And don’t mind the fact that the salad plate is not centered on the dinner plate.  I wasn’t paying attention when I took the picture.)

I just realized I am behind and never posted pictures from Kami and Emmie’s trip.  Stay tuned and I’ll try to catch up this week!