February 15, 2012


Hello sweet people who come to check in on our not-so-exciting life,

Here's what's going on in our world.
The baby update:

When I went in for my 20 week ultrasound, not only did we find out we were NOT having a boy, but we were told that there are some slight complications with the umbilical cord.  Most women have a 'three vessel cord' consisting of two arteries and one vein.  In less than 1% of women, there is only one artery and one vein.  (It's called a Single Umbilical Artery.)  I fall into that 1%.  My doctor is not overly concerned but there are some increased risks involved so I'm now seeing a perinatalogist as well. Without boring you with all the details, it basically means I will start seeing doctors weekly at 34 weeks for a non-stress test and ultrasound.  They'll be monitoring my blood pressure and the baby's growth to make sure that she is continuing to grow on track.  With only one artery feeding her blood & nutrients, the doctors need to monitor weekly progress so we don't get into a precarious situation.  We also found out that my uterine artery is more constricted (it should be loose & free-flowing, I think?) which resulted in my blood pressure getting dangerously high when pregnant with Halley.  Some reassurances from the doctor: kidney & brain defects are among the risk and the ultrasound shows Baby Girl does NOT have these issues (praise Jesus) and this has nothing to do with the miscarriage I had earlier in the pregnancy.  I really haven't been very pre-occupied about this (except selfishly when I think about juggling two different doctors on a weekly basis) but I have heard the word "stillborn" a few times since this conversation started so we definitely covet your prayers if you think about us.  

If you're sitting at your computer bored and want to know more about SUA, click here

Okay, enough medical talk.

Here's our sweet girl:

Halley had her first haircut this week. She doesn't look very happy in this picture but she was so good and didn't want to leave!  No one else except her mama would be able to tell the difference but she was way overdue.

Daddy & Daughter date night at Chick-Fil-A (makes my heart melt!)

A few of my favorite Halley moments:
  • At night, she says to me "Mommy hold you" so that I wrap my arms around her while we sing. 
  • She loves to say "It just right" meaning the temperature (of her bath, food) isn't too hot or cold.
  • Dozens of times a day, I hear "I do it" usually in terms of getting dressed.  She also coaches herself "Writing in back" so she knows which way her clothes go on. 
  • For my wriggly baby who was never very cuddly, she is seriously making up for lost time over the past few months.  Every once in a while it's a little frustrating but I adore it 99.99% of the time. 
  • Halley heard a little girl crying in a restaurant last night and her immediate comment was "She sad.  She fell out of the chair."...why she assumed that, I have no idea but it was really funny.
  • Potty training is getting better.  Not perfect but at least better.  And after I used the bathroom a few days ago, Halley said to me "Good job Mommy!"  Haha.  At least she listens to me.
 Thanks for checking in on us!

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heather ryan morse said...

I will be praying for you about the SUA..I had a friend who had this same complication and it didn't end well. I know it may seem like a lot to manage with the dr's visits, but I am glad that your dr are taking those extra steps to ensure sweet one's health. Keep us updated.

Btw..halley is beautiful! You and Randy make beautiful children!