January 7, 2012


Since I have been pregnant, the big question up for debate has been will we find out the sex of the baby.  We were surprised with Halley--which was Randy's idea but I'm so glad we were--but this pregnancy has been different from the beginning.  I had complications in the beginning so everything was unsettled for my first trimester.  Since then, all has been well but I've felt more queasy and out-of-sorts.  Plus I'm carrying this baby broader and lower which has completely convinced us that we were having a boy. 

So the question was still up in the air when I went in for my 16 week appointment.  The doctor suggested we do an ultrasound to find out the sex.  But we weren't sure we wanted to know! And Randy wasn't there!  Yikes, what to do?  The tech wrote it on the back of the ultrasound and stuck it in an envelope for us to open if we wanted.  It sat on our mantel for two weeks until Christmas morning when Randy gave it to me for Christmas to open. 

Here's the video of us on Christmas morning:

(Obviously, this is the edited version.) Well, let's just say we were surprised at my 20 week appointment!  I had finally wrapped my brain around having a little boy and now we're totally switching gears.  I am thrilled that Halley will have a sister.  Plus, we have what we need AND Randy is a great girl's dad.  And after all of my soul searching on giving in to the "What's it gonna be?" pressure, we were are still totally surprised.  Like pinching ourselves, mouth hanging open, surprised.

I absolutely love how God orchestrated it all.  


Alyssa said...

Oh wow!! How crazy is that?? The momma of two little girls...how fun! :) You guys are gonna be great "girl" parents if that's all you have...and if not, you'll be great "both" parents too! :)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!!! Yay! I hope I have 2 girls, too! =oD

Aunt Debbie said...

WHAT???? Are you trying to scam us and make us confused!??

Aune Debbie said...

I just now watched the "edited" video......hillarious!!!!! YEA for girls!! I always told people that Al is a great girl dad too!! If we had had just girls, he would have been just fine with that!! Congrats!!!

heather ryan morse said...

ha!! that very same thing happened to me! accept it was i found out we were having a girl and it was a boy at the next checkup..let's just say, if we ever have a third baby, that will be why..it left this longing that would not have been there had it never happened. we had named her, etc.